Please Be Patient

Please Be Patient

Please Be Patient



Keeping the environment in mind

While raising a car’s fuel efficiency is important, making the driver aware of the significance of environmentally-friendly driving habits is just as vital. Ongoing efforts are being made for the development of eco-friendly devices that operate as a communication interface between the driver and their car.



SI-DRIVE is Subaru’s own driver-assist system which you can choose driving performance according to your mood or driving scene. “Intelligent Mode(I)” delivers greater fuel efficiency and...
SI-DRIVE switch(3 mode)

ECO gauge

An “ECO gauge” has been installed within the meters to serve as a guide for fuel efficient driving. The pointer on the ECO gauge helps to notify the driver whether they are...

Auto Stop Start

Auto Stop Start is the system which powers down the engine automatically when you stop at the red light or stuck in a traffic jam and starts it up again when departing. We focus on...


Aerodynamic body

By designing the shape of the body and bumper to reduce air resistance and...

Active Grill Shutter

The active grill shutter has the function of improving aerodynamic performance. Much lower fuel consumption is achieved by opening and closing the shutter inside the front bumper automatically and...