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Please Be Patient

Please Be Patient


High Efficiency

A high-efficiency powertrain with minimal waste

The key lies with just how much power the engine can generate from a minimal quantity of fuel, and how that power can be transmitted to the wheels without any loss through the transmission system. Subaru continues to fine-tune the technology behind the engine and transmission with the belief that they can be engineered to deliver the level of drivability that Subaru strives for, without having a detrimental impact on the environment.

Next-generation SUBARU BOXER

The new BOXER engine has a longer stroke design and a more compact combustion chamber, as well as dual AVCS that increases intake and exhaust efficiency, lighter pistons and...

SUBARU BOXER “Direct Injection Turbo”

Subaru’s first Direct Injection Turbo engine uses direct injection technology to provide precision control of fuel injection, resulting in high compression and...

Lineartronic CVT

The transmission developed by Subaru is called “Lineartronic,” a longitudinally-mounted chain-driven continually variable gearbox. Keeping the engine in...


Mechanism that enhances fuel efficiency and output performance by improving intake efficiency with optimal control of intake valve timing. The AVCS unit controls the timing with...